The Economy of Owning Multiple Pilates Franchises with IM=X

The Economy of Owning Multiple Pilates Franchises with IM=X

Looking to optimize your boutique fitness franchise investment?  If so, then consider opening multiple locations with IM=X Pilates and Fitness. This franchisor is not like the others in that it combines more services, superior support and charges less money – translating into your savings and profits for you.

Part of the savings comes from the fact that IM=X manufactures its own patented commercial pilates equipment which is of superior quality and available to franchisees at a discount.  Franchise royalties are not only lower than the competition but they also include more services such as tuition free instructor pilates certification. Brand fees are also lower and franchisees are not nickel-and-dimed for items like domain name registration, hosting, social media posts and much more.

To develop a region of four pilates studios only requires an initial franchise fee of $80k and all equipment can be leased.

Lastly, the franchisor provides an abundance of on-site training at no additional cost so that developers can establish their multiple studios with a strong pilates instructor team.  This is not true for most competing fitness brands – another great savings! 

Don’t let the price tag fool you, the IM=X formula provides an elite workout and business system at an improved value.

Start the process of joining the IM=X Pilates and Fitness franchise by contacting us today for a consultation!