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This is the most essential home gym piece available as it provides for a total body workout plus cardio using our large and sturdy jumpboard. The Xercizer is known for its ability to handle all shapes and sizes, and offers increased resistance for a harder workout. Unique features include removable shoulder rolls, a lumbar support, jumpboard for plyometrics and a larger carriage than any other reformer. All attachments are included in purchase: Jumpboard, Lumbar Support, Footbar, Shoulder Blocks, Ropes, Handles and Foot Straps. Compare with other reformers and see the value you receive with this amazing reformer which is made here in the USA! Try our online workouts at

This is the strongest reformer on the market and it was developed by a bootstrapping female entrepreneur/exercise physiologist. Our company is female owned. Support women in small business and American manufacturing!

“The Xercizer machine is an upgrade of the original Pilates reformer, offering improved industrial design, increased functionality, and durability.”
– IDEA Source

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The Xercizer (IMX reformer) provides increased resistance for a harder workout; removable shoulder rolls and lumbar support; larger and more stable jumpboard for plyometrics and a larger carriage with solid glide. Dimensions: 13 3/4″ high, 27″ wide, 102″ long; weight with attachments 325lbs. Made in U.S.A. Toolkit included with instructions. Takes two people 15 minutes to complete assembly. Ships UPS Ground in 4 boxes and requires minimum assembly. Online workouts available at

“IM=X® (pronounced “IMX”) — a muscle toning and flexibility formula that leads exercisers through a series of toning and stretching moves on a sturdier version of the pilates reformer …You’ll gladly groan through the 30-60 minutes of body shaping.”
–Fitness Magazine

“Built to withstand heavy use, the Xercizer, is an updated version of the original Pilates Reformer that features an extra-durable, industrial design. This innovative piece offers a variety of resistance levels that accommodate a wide range of users, and allows individuals to perform, among other things, abdominal and bicep curls, back and triceps extensions, and leg presses. The Xercizer is supported by the company’s IM=X Program…”
–Fitness Industry Technology

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