IM=X® Pilates Xercizer (Reformer) Certification


Learn the power of the IM=X® reformer program in a 3-Day intensive. Become a pilates personal trainer or group instructor by learning our eight signature workout sequences. Learn the equipment set-up, verbal cues, and tactile cues necessary to deliver an amazing reformer experience. Course comes with a manual and movie files that guide you step by step through the program.
Note: All certification and exam sales are final. No refund will be given once a course has been purchased. Participants may reschedule course dates subject to availability within 12 months of purchase at no penalty.



The IM=X® PILATES 3-DAY REFORMER CERTIFICATION teaches the personal trainer/group instructor the exercise science which defines IM=X Pilates reformer workouts. The eight training sequences provide the fitness professional with several 30/60 minute formats that can be modified for many different levels. The lectures and exercise labs provide research on stabilization, breathing, alignment and muscle recruitment. Considerations for spring loading, equipment configuration and group formatting are reviewed. Participants learn the goal of each exercise, its target muscles, verbal/tactile cues, common postural adjustments, spring loading, and safety issues. Practical Exam is required. The 140-page manual includes photos and step-by-step instructions. Online movie files help guide the learning.

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Certification Dates

May 1 – 3 (NYC), July 17 – 19 (NYC), Oct 16 – 18 (NYC)