FAQs for Apprentice Hours

Apprentice Hours for IM=X Basic Certification

How many apprentice hours do I need to do?

40 hours total (20 for the Mat/20 for the Xercizer)

Can I train another IM=X apprentice/instructor for my apprentice hours?

You can train another IM=X apprentice/instructor, and are encouraged to do so. But it will NOT count toward your apprentice hours. Your apprentice hours must be done on NON-IM=X instructors, i.e., regular people, family, friends, civilians, etc.

Can I make a checklist for my apprentice hours?

No, your apprenticeship is your practice time, and writing out your apprentice hours will help you learn the program, memorize the sequences, and remember the appropriate repetitions and springloads. You must write out each session indicating the sequence, exercise, cues and fundamentals.

Can I type them out on a computer?

Yes, you may either write out your hours longhand or type them into your computer. But you do need to create a new document/page for each client, and write out/enter everything you do, every time. Again – this is to assist in your complete memorization of the eight sequences. (Keep in mind tradtional pilates certifications can require as many as 300 hours!)

How much do I need to write?

You need to write a brief history/background on the client, just a few sentences. Then list each sequence, and under it each exercise you do with your client. Include the variation, equipment used, reps, springload, and any modifications. Be sure to apply the fundamentals throughout the workout by using the verbal and tactile cues.

If I train a client more than once, do I need to write it up every time?

Yes, you write out every workout you do with every client.