The IM=X Pilates and Fitness franchise commitment to education provides you with an edge over your competition. Our Master Trainers will certify as many staff as you need to develop, grow, and sustain your franchise business tuition-free! This provides an immense value given pilates, personal training, barre and cycle education is very expensive.  

Step 1: IM=X® Pilates Intensive

The IM=X Pilates Floor and Xercizer (reformer) Programs are taught in our 5-Day Basic Certification course. This intensive education gives your instructors and personal trainers all of the programming knowledge needed to begin your group exercise and personal training franchise. The basic formats, taught from the 150-page manual and educational videos, are divided into eight sequences-about 140 exercises. The lectures and labs focus on stabilization, breathing, alignment and muscle recruitment techniques. As your fitness franchise grows, you will want to expand your class offerings to both attract new clients as well as retain existing members. Online movie files are available for pre and post-study support.

Step 2: IM=X® Basic Formats Workshop

The IM=X Basic Formats Workshop is offered as a means of expanding routines prior to attending the Advanced Certifications. It includes Upper Body, Lower Body, Ab and Hybrid formats which are outlined in the manual and can be learned via Skype with a Master Trainer. Participants must be IM=X Basic Certified for at least 2 months before learning attending this course. 

Step 3: IM=X® Tower and Tower/Barre Certification

The IM=X® Tower and Tower/Barre Certification teaches instructors 17 sequences in either a 2-Day Intensive or via Skype over a series of sessions. IM=X Pilates Tower can be offered in workouts of 30-75 minutes or the formats can be combined with the Xercizer (reformer), Floor (mat) and Cycle routines. There are sequences for lying supine or prone, sitting and standing. The 7 Tower/Barre sequences add upper body and core strengthening to grand plies and allow for a total body barre workout that everyone can do. The 95-page instruction manual contains photographs and step-by-step instructions on how to teach each sequence. The educational movie files of the routines must be studied prior to class attendance. Adding these workouts to your pilates and fitness franchise provides members with another cross-conditioning alternative that is effective and adds numerous programming options for class variety.

Step 4: IM=X® Pilates Advanced Certification 

The IM=X Advanced Xercizer (reformer) Program is taught in a 3-Day Intensive. The eight IM=X Basic Xercizer sequences are expanded into 65 sections which include numerous new movements. The sections are formatted into the following reformer class workouts: Stretch | Interval Training | Hybrid | Abs (11 new workouts). The 110-page manual includes photos and step-by-step instructions on how to teach these new integrated movement reformer classes. Educational online movie files support your staff in learning all of the routines. 
See the course agenda for more detail.

Step 5: IM=X® Pilates Super Advanced Certification

The IM=X SUPER Advanced Certification provides you and your pilates studio staff with even more reformer workouts plus the knowledge of how to work with special populations. The course begins with a review of the new exercises which were introduced in the Advanced Certification and then proceeds to review several versions of the following IM=X Xercizer/reformer formats: Upper Body | Lower Body | Golf/Tennis | Pre/Postnatal | Back Strength and Plyometrics. The 158-page instruction manual includes a research overview on pregnancy and exercise as well as research on back exercise, photos and step-by-step instructions. The educational online movies guides you through the new exercises.
See the course agenda for more detail.

Step 6: IM=X® Platform Certification

The IM=X Platform Program is available to Advanced Instructors. The standing routines add an element of balance, lower body intensity and improve spine stabilization. The routines include 8 sequences that combine the IM=X stabilization techniques with lower body resistance. Free weights are are used for more advanced students. All formats are hybrids that begin with a basic Xercizer (reformer) warm-up.

Step 7: IM=X® Cycle/Tower Certification

The IM=X Cycle/Tower Program includes 11 sequences that combine indoor cycling techniques with upper body resistance and stabilization using the IM=X Tower and Ring. This course reviews general cycling principles such as positioning clients on the bike, increasing intensity through cadence or resistance, and monitoring workouts by Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE). Combination workouts blend Tower, Reformer and Mat Programs are reviewed and practiced. The IM=X Tower/Cycle/Bar manual (103 pages of programming) is required for learning the IM=X Cycle/Tower. Educational movie files are provided to support you and your staff in learning the 11 sequences.

Step 8: IM=X® Barre Certification

The IM=X Barre Program includes 12 sequences that provide a total body workout. Inspired by traditional ballet training, the IM=X Barre starts with grande and demi pliés which are performed in combination with IM=X Ring Stabilization Techniques. The leg sequences progress with tendus, attitudes, leg extensions and arabesques to provide a powerful lower body lengthening and toning experience. Calf raises known in ballet terms as relevés are combined with upper body strengthening. Quick leg lifts or grande battements challenge leg flexibility and raise the heart rate. The IM=X Tower/Cycle/Bar manual (103 pages of programming) is required for learning the IM=X Ballet Bar. An educational DVD is provided to support you and your staff in learning the 12 sequences. (Note: A movement or dance background is recommended for instructors who will be teaching these variations).

Step 9: IM=X® Cardio Course

Learn the principles of Heart Rate Training (HRT)  in order to offer your clients a variety of cardiovascular formats. Indoor cycling, IM=X Jog Boards are integrated into the IM=X Pilates routines to increase calorie burning and cardio health benefits. Topics include: Rate of Perceived Exertion, Talk Test, Target HR Zone, Biomechanics of Cycling, Calorie Burning, and Jog Board Choreography. The 54-page instruction manual includes photos, step-by-step instructions as well as 4 IM=X Jog Board sequences and 10 different IM=X Reformer and Cycle class formats for your staff to learn. Your IM=X Pilates and Cardio programs will replace your client’s need for a gym membership. Online educational movies are provided to support you and your staff in learning the IM=X Jog Board choreography. (Note: A movement or dance background is recommended for instructors who will be teaching Jog Board sequences 1-3). This program can be learned via Skype with an IM=X Master Trainer or studied online in our instructor movie area.

Step 10: IM=X® Yoga Certification 

IM=X Yoga is a powerful blend of stabilization, balance, flexibility, muscle endurance and mind-body relaxation techniques. The program is comprised of eight standing and six floor sequences — all of which use the IM=X Ring. IM=X Yoga is a total body workout which stabilizes the spine, increases joint mobility, and refreshes the mind. The 70-page instruction manual contains photographs and step-by-step instructions on how to teach each sequence as well as pertinent vocabulary and research. Multiple class format options are presented. We recommend that you choose yoga instructors to learn this program for your exercise franchise growth or use these sequences in combination with other core programs as IM=X Pilates/Yoga hybrids. An educational DVD is provided to support you and your staff in learning the 8 standing and the 6 floor sequences. Note: This course is not tuition free. Please call for group rates.
See the course agenda for more detail.

Additional Studies: IM=X® BACK EXERCISE COURSE

An estimated 80 percent of Americans suffer from back pain. Exercise has been repeatedly proven to be one of the most effective tools for recovery. The IM=X Back Exercise course is for the Advanced Certified instructor who is interested in developing the professional skills and knowledge to design effective back exercise programs for post-rehabilitation and injury prevention. Focus is on improving the alignment, balance and strength of the Spine Stabilization System. It is recommended that Pilates studio owners network with the medical community in their area once they have teachers who are IM=X Spinal Fitness Certified.
See the course agenda for more detail.