Pilates Yoga Certification

With over 50 million participants in the US alone, Yoga is one of the most popular mind-body disciplines. The Yoga program created by IM=X® sets itself apart by integrating its signature IM=X® Ring into the workout for stabilization and greater muscle recruitment. Both programs can be combined seamlessly with other IM=X® workouts to give clients more variety and challenge their bodies constantly in different ways to avoid the well know plateau effect. 

The IM=X® Yoga Certification

This course teaches the eight standing and six floor sequences that make up the IM=X Yoga program. Formats can complement a half-hour cardio or Xercizer routine; or stand alone as a full hour workout. IM=X Yoga targets the entire body by stabilizing the spine, increasing joint mobility, and refreshing the mind of your clients. The program was designed to offer clients slower and more meditative endurance exercises which improve range of motion, stabilization, and synchronize breath with a progressive series of postures.

This 2-Day Course includes:
– Research review on relaxation techniques, breathing and stress reduction for health
– Techniques for muscle inhibition, visual imagery, contract-relax techniques
– Distinction between postural muscles and peripheral muscles

Each sequence will be reviewed for its target muscles, verbal cues and tactile cues. The instruction manual includes step-by-step instructions on how to teach each sequence as well as pertinent vocabulary and research.
Note: The DVD of the routines must be studied prior to class attendance.

Length: 2 days (9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.) | Course Schedule
Required Equipment: Rings and Mats
Prerequisites: IM=X® Basic Certification
Practical Exam required.
IM=X Yoga