Our Back Exercise course provides a detailed look at the IM=X fundamentals as a complementary rehabilitative approach. A review of recent research on topics such as stabilization, muscle recruitment, anticipatory postural adjustments and spinal mechanics is given with a focus on application. Tactile cues for postural correction based on the Alexander Technique; and various stretching techniques and protocols are taught. This course prepares the personal trainer, chiropractic assistant and/or physical therapy assistant to deliver a back wellness program at an IM=X Pilates franchise location.

Prerequisites: 5-Day Basic Certification, 3-Day Advanced and 3-Day Super Advanced Certifications

Pilates Spinal Fitness

A specialized IM=X spine stabilization program goes beyond general fitness practices to correct spinal alignment, mobility, muscle recruitment patterns and strength. Our unique approach towards conditioning the Spine Stabilization System is at the heart of our back exercise solution. Regular sessions are effective at:

  • Decreasing pain and improving mobility and activity
  • Increasing function and overall spinal fitness
  • Developing muscle strength and endurance in the back, hip and abdominal area

TRUNK MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT: Decreases in muscle mass and strength as well as in bone mass and intervertebral disc height are a result of aging. After 30 years of age, muscles begin to atrophy. This coupled with prolonged periods of inactivity can result in chronic back pain. The good news is that IM=X offsets these aging forces by conditioning the muscles of the Spine Stabilization System.

POSTURE: Intervertebral compression is a result of poor posture and bad movement habits. IM=X Spinal Fitness not only stabilizes and strengthens the spine but also teaches clients how to “feel” correct alignment. Clients reach a point of awareness where old postures “feel” uncomfortable and improved postures are fully natural. At this point, they can progress to more challenging exercises without risk of injury. As fitness levels improve, clients become confident in resuming an active lifestyle.

CREATING TECHNIQUE: It is common that an individual with back discomfort learns an exercise only to repeat it at home with incorrect form. For example, many people perform abdominal curls incorrectly resulting in spinal compression. This compression often irritates soft tissues which often results in pain. Thus, the individual ceases activity to avoid further discomfort. This is commonly referred to as “The Cycle of De-conditioning and Pain.” Our back care solution focuses on movement technique.

Pilates Spinal Workout