IM=X Pilates for Runners

IM=X Pilates for Runners

Whether you are training for a marathon, or want to run your first 5k, complementing your training with IM=X Pilates can benefit you and make your running experience healthier and more enjoyable.

According to one of our IM=X Pilates NYC regulars, the differences are noticeable: “When I first started running triathlons, I was not doing IM=X Pilates on a regular basis. My recovery was slow, and I suffered injuries as a result of the long training hours and repetitive motion that I wasn’t counteracting with other types of workouts. After I started doing IM=X Pilates, I ran the New York City Marathon and New York City Triathlon in the same year. Even though those sports take a huge toll on you, I was able to stay healthy and injury-free throughout my training. Since IM=X Pilates strengthened some muscles that I was not using properly, such as the glutes and core, and work on improved flexibility of over-worked muscles like my hip flexors, not only did I remain injury-free but I found my stride improving, and even shaved enough minutes off my time to achieve a PR. Most importantly, I wasn’t even THAT sore the day after!”

Here are the ways that IM=X Pilates can improve your running:

  1. It increases muscle strength: In addition to strong legs and glutes, runners also need a strong core. Because IM=X Pilates works the muscles to fatigue (and not failure) is a safe workout to do on your days off.
  2. Avoid injury: you probably understand the importance of strong muscles and a strong core, but how often do you think about the muscles of your spine? Believe it or not, there are tiny muscles all along the spine. Thinking about these small muscles, and active lengthening and stabilization, can prevent against injury and the onset of general back pain often suffered by runners.
  3. Correct muscle imbalances: Repetitive movements like running can strengthen a small group of muscles, but can lead to issues such as tendonitis, knee pain and possible muscle strains. Strengthening antagonistic muscles and correcting any imbalances is a huge benefit of IM=X Pilates.
  4. It improves flexibility and range of motion to move more freely: because you’ll focus on active lengthening, range of motion, and flexibility training in every single session, you’ll move more effectively and you’ll be less likely to suffer a setback in your training due to an injury.
  5. Improve endurance: IM=X Pilates has been proven to increase endurance, due to our focus on slow-twitch muscle fibers so you fatigue less easily and have more strength and energy to get you through that last mile (or miles!).

All IM=X Pilates studios offer an Introductory Private Session to learn more about your individual needs and goals. If you are interested in beginning or enhancing your training routine, schedule an appointment with an IM=X Pilates trainer at a studio near you.