IM=X® Pilates Franchise Support

IM=X® Pilates Franchise Support

One of the main components of running a successful pilates studio is having certified instructors and personal trainers to deliver quality workouts to your customers.

The IM=X® Pilates Franchise understands this essential component to studio operations and supports its pilates franchise owners with tuition free education. Your staff has the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and instruction within our pilates franchise studio network with only the requirement to purchase a Practical Exam.

Founder of Integrated Movement Xercize (IM=X®), Elyse McNergney, developed a powerful pilates and fitness certification program that is included in the franchise fees. Tuition free certification support saves the franchisee money and creates a standardized workout experience.

Franchise owners and their instructors and personal trainers receive the following branded courses:
IM=X® Pilates Intensive
IM=X® Basic Formats Workshop
IM=X® Tower and Tower/Barre Certification
IM=X® Pilates Advanced Certification
IM=X® Pilates Super Advanced Certification
IM=X® Platform Certification
IM=X® Cycle/Tower Certification
IM=X® Barre Certification
IM=X® Cardio Course

At the heart of customer results is the ability to deliver powerful workouts to a variety of customers on a consistent basis. IM=X® Pilates franchise owners are not at a loss for adding or replacing staff given the support of the franchisor.

Pilates reformer classes range widely in their quality based on the group exercise format and delivery. The IM=X Pilates franchise understands the details required to develop quality trainers and manage the classroom experience. To find out more about our pilates franchise email