IM=X Pilates for Dancers

IM=X Pilates for Dancers

The Founder of IM=X Pialtes, Elyse McNergney, is a former dancer and choreographer. While she designed IM=X to be accessible to all audiences, there are several benefits that dancers in particular can receive from this program. Whether you are a professional dancer, or simply enjoy dancing as a hobby and cardio workout, read on to find out how you could benefit from adding IM=X to your routine.

Active assisted ROM: IM=X uses something called Active-Assisted Range of Motion. This means that while performing range of motion exercises at the joints, the limbs are sub-maximally weighted which helps ease them through a larger range of motion. Over time, this can improve your range allowing for higher kicks, larger leaps, and bigger strides.

Improved Balance: Dancers who add in the IM=X Tower and Tower/Barre routines can reap even more benefits. These routines incorporate ballet-inspired movements against resistance. The result is strong, lean muscles, while developing strength and stability in the supporting leg.

Stabilization: while dancers often have extreme flexibility, it’s important to strengthen the stabilization muscles as well in order to avoid injury. IM=X focuses on the small muscles that traditional training methods sometimes neglect. In particular, the muscles of the ankles, knees and spine are strengthened which helps dancers balance better and reduce the risk of injury from hypermobile joints.

Core Control: many dancers who incorporate IM=X Pilates training into their routines have expressed that using the Forced Exhale to engage the Pelvic Floor and deepest abdominal muscles have improved their turns, balance and kicks, among other things.

Plyometrics: unlike some traditional pilates routines, IM=X also incorporates plyometrics with a jump board, jogging squares and cycle bikes at some studios. You’ll find these exercises making a difference in your petit allegro, jumps and leaps.

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