IM=X for Yogis

IM=X for Yogis

Yoga, increasingly popular in gyms and boutique fitness studios across the country, is an amazing activity for facilitating mindfulness, focus, relaxation, improved balance, flexibility and more. But did you know that there are injury risks involved in yoga?

As with any type of movement and exercise, poor form over overuse can lead to strain or injury. We have seen clients suffer any number of exercises from their yoga practices: from muscle strains in the neck, hip, low back and hamstrings, to rotator cuff injury, to wrist aggravation, to neck injury. Although the causes and solutions to injuries can vary, we wanted to shed light on some of these most common injuries and how to prevent them.

One important way to help prevent injury is by complementing your yoga practice with other types of movement and exercise. Since some yoga practices can focus on flexibility, and even over-stretching, it is important to focus on strengthening the stabilization muscles that keep you strong and supported in yoga postures. Developing strong healthy muscles in the hips, spine and abdominals can make a huge difference. IM=X Pilates focuses on these small muscle groups which can not only aid your yoga practice, but also help support a healthy posture and reduce the risk of injury throughout your daily routine.

Better yet, try IM=X Yoga. By applying our Five Fundamentals to some traditional yoga poses, a focus on stabilization, alignment and spinal control is imbued into your yoga practice, making your workout more consistent, and helping to prevent and rehab from injury.

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