The IM=X® Barre Program is a total body workout, includes 12 sequences. They are usually taught in combination with the 7 Tower Barre sequences to provide a unique variety of hybrid routines. Inspired by traditional ballet training, the IM=X Barre starts with grande and demi pliés which are performed in combination with IM=X Ring Stabilization Techniques. The leg sequences progress with tendus, attitudes, leg extensions and arabesques to provide a powerful lower body lengthening and toning experience. Calf raises known in ballet terms as relevés are combined with upper body strengthening using hand weights. Quick leg lifts or grande battements challenge leg flexibility and raise the heart rate. The secret to a lean and strong body has been known by dancers for years – now IM=X Pilates students can learn these moves and enjoy the benefits.

Note: The educational online movie files must be studied prior to class attendance.
The combination of  IM=X® Tower/Barre and Barre is the most versatile and unique offering you can provide you clients. The combination of simple moves with spring resistance and less stress on the knees is more beneficial and results in quicker toning. Watch and learn more about this powerfulIM=X® which will define your studio above others!

Length: 1 day (10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) or via Skype
Required Equipment: Rings, Mats, 2 and 3 lb Hand Weights and Xercizers
Prerequisites: IM=X® Basic Certification
Practical Exam required.