Pilates Leg Exercise

Our advanced education builds and retains your membership!

Our fitness franchises expand their standardized classes to attract new clients and reach target markets (i.e. low back patients, golfers, seniors, women who are pregnant). After the Basic Certification you can enroll your staff in the 5-Day Advanced Intensive and the 5-Day Super Advanced Intensive.

Advanced courses provide you with an edge over your competition for the following reasons:

  • It allows you to target special populations in an effective and safe manner
  • It motivates your instructors/trainers to have access to a valuable education
  • It helps maintain the interest of your customers by giving them new challenges and/or specialized routines
  • It keeps your services fresh and unique

Learn new exercises as well as a variety of new formats that target specific workout goals — expand the eight basic sequences into over 65 sections of innovative exercises. The Advanced Certification gives experienced IM=X Pilates Trainers and Instructors additional research and choreography. Several versions of the following formats are covered during this 5-Day Intensive.

IM=X® Xercizer (reformer) Workouts

INTERVAL TRAINING – A combination of new exercises and basic sequences that are delivered in sets to create muscle fatigue and raise your heart rate. The 3 Interval Training workouts include intense bouts of Xercizer training followed by small rest periods which focus on recovery. Formats range in length from 60-90 minutes.

STRETCH – Use the Xercizer to intensify your flexibility protocols. Passive, active and resistive stretch routines are combined to increase range of motion. Research on flexibility is reviewed. Class formats range in length from 30-60 minutes. Schedule the 30-minute versions before a Cardio workout.

HYBRIDS – Learn several formats that combine floor (ring/body bar) with Xercizer routines. Integrate open chain exercises with resistance training for cross conditioning. Clients who are used to Xercizer only sessions will be pleasantly surprised by the challenge. Formats range in length from 60-90 minutes.

ABS – IM=X Pilates is all about trunk recruitment and strengthening but there are several abdominal routines which are new to the program. Combine them with the basics and you will have the most intense pilates core class around! Schedule the 30-minute versions before a 30-minute Cardio or Lower Body workout.

IM=X® Floor Workouts

RING WORKOUT – A unique blend of ring exercises that focus on core strength. A short and intense routine. Schedule this 30-minute workout before an Indoor Cycling workout.

STRETCH – Teach your clients how to improve muscle relaxation, movement patterns and range of motion. Routines repeatedly target hamstrings, spinal, hip and shoulder muscles. Formats for this class range in length from 30-60 minutes. Again – great to program adjacent to a short cardio routine. This workout is also used to help seniors with mobility, core power and balance.

FLOOR MOTION – Learn new IM=X vocabulary that transforms sagittal plane exercises into circular choreography with seamless transitions and innovative moves such as Arm Circles, Fan Kicks and Oblique Swings. Formats for this class range in length from 30-60 minutes.

PILATES FORMAT -This workout blends signature advanced pilates exercises such as Teasers, Boomerang, Rollover and Double Leg Stretch with the IM=X routines for a whole new floor class. Offer this 60-minute workout to experienced clients.

Length: 5 Days (2 Days Floor and 3 Days Xercizer)| Prerequisite: IM=X Pilates Intensive

Practical Exam required.
See the course agenda for details.