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Would you like to join the boutique fitness movement and capitalize on the demand for pilates, barre, cycle, personal and small group reformer training? With IM=X® you receive a well established formula for success including staff certifications, equipment, operational and marketing support. Exciting opportunities are available now across the United States. Find out more - Get Started Today!


Reinvent Your Career - Reinvent Yourself

IM=X® Pilates and Fitness offers pilates reinvented, re-choreographed, and reconstructed to include other physical disciplines. IM=X® updates older concepts and practices to reflect the newest research on fitness, cardiovascular training and spine stabilization. The variation within IM=X® makes it possible to welcome everyone. Our studios offer a powerful version of pilates style exercise plus cycling, tower, barre, yoga, jog boards, weights and private training – total cross conditioning success!

Lets Talk About Your Goals

IM=X® (Integrated Movement Xercize) – pronounced “IMX” – is a full service pilates and fitness franchise opportunity that provides athletic pilates, unique cycle/tower workouts, tower/barre, personal training and stretch plus back exercise. So whether you are a fitness enthusiast or health and wellness investor; a chiropractor, physical therapist, sports medicine M.D. or personal trainer, you can enter the boutique fitness industry with our cutting-edge support.

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Become Part of an Exclusive Team

When you become a franchisee with IM=X®, you join an experienced team of professionals who will provide you with the knowledge, tools and resources needed to develop, grow and expand a boutique pilates and fitness business. We encourage you to take full advantage of our franchise support which includes tuition-free proprietary certifications, patented equipment (built in the U.S.A.), a proven marketing and business model.

Marketing Road Map

Our Franchisee Portal contains all the marketing copy you will require: ads, internal/external signage, flyers, brochures, price cards, special promotions, business cards, and website! Your own IM=X® Pilates and Fitness website will bring immediate credibility to your business by including quotes from the national press on the effectiveness of the IM=X® workouts. Our search engine optimization techniques will help you access and capture more customers; and our digital marketing campaigns are predesigned – the hard work has been done for you!

Customized Programs

IM=X® Personal Training - We excel at helping all types of clients including athletes, persons with back pain, seniors, pre/post-natal women and fitness enthusiasts looking for the next challenge. The IM=X® Certification Courses have been approved by prestigious institutions including the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), American Council on Exercise (ACE) and many others. Our Master Trainers will educate your team on techniques that help your private training clients and revenue excel.

Ongoing Support

Our Business Training covers a wide range of topics including online/social and print marketing, data management, scheduling and billing, preferred vendor relationships and discounts, staff training and development, membership recruitment and retention plus strategic planning for expansion. As an IM=X® Pilates and Fitness franchise, you can count on us to help you grow your business to its maximum capacity!

Certified Programs

We provide our franchise partners with UNLIMITED staff certifications at NO ADDITIONAL COST for the life of your business! Thus as you grow, you can certify additional instructors. Our continuing education courses cultivate an elite group of fitness leaders who are fluent in IM=X® Pilates, Tower, Platform, Mat, Cycle/Tower, Tower/Barre, personal training and back exercise.

Love What You Do

The IM=X® Pilates and Fitness franchise is a complete plan which leverages our past experience with the present opportunities in the fitness, pilates, personal training, barre, indoor cycling, yoga and back exercise markets. Start a new career in the boutique fitness business.

“Stepping the intensity up a notch, IM=X incorporates cardio and strength-training elements for optimal sculpting success…utilizing pelvic and ribcage stabilization techniques. Save up your energy for the plyometric jump segments sprinkled throughout the workout which was created by exercise physiologist Elyse McNergney…”

Pilates Style Magazine

“Pilates equipment and classes are enjoying a new audience and are now available at many health clubs. However I recently found a method of training that uses aspects of pilates but is geared towards the non-dancer…This method is called IM=X which stands for Integrated Movement Xercize. Based on pilates, IM=X puts more emphasis on strength…If you do the exercises consistently, with proper form, you will see and feel the difference!

Women’s Fitness

“Don’t Call It Pilates. IM=X is not Pilates or the Alexander Technique, but it is based on both disciplines…IM=X was developed for the general public and the back care version for people with back problems…it not only develops long, lean muscles and flexibility, but also strengthens the spine and back… The routines are designed to not only tone and elongate muscles but also to improve posture…So try them and start reaping the benefits.”

Fitness Magazine 

I had a fitness epiphany in a class called IM=X. Created by Elyse McNergney, M.Ed., M.A., IM=X stands for Integrated Movement Exercise…Think: Group Pilates class…Each repetition demanded extreme concentration. I broke a sweat and was thrilled to feel the lower part of my abs burn…The IM=X class passed my fitness test: I was sore and sweaty.”

Shape Magazine

Learn More About This Exciting Opportunity!

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Learn More About This Exciting Opportunity!

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