Club Owner Solution

The IM=X Pilates Club Package is designed for club owners who want to develop a successful service which is not dependent upon one or two instructors. Our team provides you with a comprehensive business solution which includes regular on-site staff certifications; patented pilates reformers (made in the U.S.A); manager training; ready-to-go marketing that can be customized plus continued operational support! If you want to increase your pilates group and private training revenue; then contact us 800.IMX.1336.

Pilates Leg and Barre

Our Package Provides the Long-Term Solution

1. Superior Pilates Equipment – made in the U.S.A.

We manufacture our own reformers and towers. Our reformer equipment is included with training in our club package. The quality of our equipment is superior — it is manufactured in the U.S. with a steel and aluminum body as well as the unique features I explained: smooth glide, lumbar support, versatile plyometric board, heavier spring load, etc. End result is that a broader range of clients feel comfortable on our strong reformers and you have pilates equipment that lasts a very long time!

2. Unlimited Staff Training/Certification.

We recommend that you offer our IMX Pilates Certification and ongoing advanced courses to ALL OF YOUR PERSONAL TRAINERS AND INSTRUCTORS because that will drive private training and reformer group class revenue. Our club package provides unlimited certifications at no additional cost to your staff for the life of your business! Thus as you grow, you can certify additional staff; or if there is staff turnover, then we certify the new hires. We offer these courses onsite annually and offsite. Our Master Trainers have been certifying fitness professionals for over fifteen years. IM=X® updates traditional pilates concepts and practices reflecting the newest research on fitness and back exercise – it combines strength and cardio training, plus barre, cycling and more.

3. Complete Marketing Support

We have designed your ads, internal/external signage, flyers, brochures, price cards, special promotions, business cards, and website! You have access to our library of logos, proprietary graphics and artwork — over 80 designs to promote our programs for golf, pregnancy, back pain, athletic performance, weight loss and more! . We also provide you with content for social media and email marketing templates. Basically anything you need to promote the services is provided by our team.

4. Business Training and Ongoing Support

We train your staff over the life of your franchise agreement! Thus if you have turnover, we will simply qualify the next employee to implement the standardized methods of operation, marketing, scheduling and billing. We also provide scheduled monthly mentoring phone meetings for business coaching and teacher quality control. Our business course provides you and your manager(s) with valuable information about operating your pilates studio. Software skills, methods of operation, marketing, instructor certification, quality control, scheduling and billing are among the topics covered. We also provide a toll free hotline (800) IMX – 1336 for your business questions.

See our Cost Comparison Analysis to find out if our pilates solution is the right for solution for your clubs!

Pilates Workout inside IM=X studio