IM=X® combines pilates, barre, cycling, yoga, back wellness and personal training!

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IM=X® (Integrated Movement Xercize)
Founded in 1996, includes ten instructor certifications which incorporate various equipment such as the Xercizer (reformer), Tower, Ring, Weights, Jog Boards and Indoor Cycling Bikes. The IM=X® fitness franchise targets many different markets (i.e. seniors, back pain, pregnancy, athletes). The variations within IM=X® make it possible to address everyone from the “couch potato” to athletes to the person with general back pain.

Our programs are effective for all body types and fitness levels, regardless of age, or ability. IM=X® is a system that tones the whole body with amazing efficiency. It is an approach that applies the latest research on spine stabilization, trunk muscle development and posture. By developing the proper technique customers of all ages progress to more demanding routines. Our clients range from the Mets baseball players to seniors. As participants progress through the workouts, the sequences of moves become increasingly challenging, so IM=X® is never boring.

The combination of strengthening and lengthening exercises develops long, lean muscles, improves posture, and adds stability and flexibility to the spine. IM=X® changes body composition (muscle to fat ratio) and our Cycle/Tower program increases calorie burning and weight loss. IM=X® attacks excess bulk in the hips and thighs and tightens the body’s core muscles for rock-hard abs. Our proprietary workout system is powerful and effective!

History of IM=X® (Integrated Movement Xercize) 

Joseph Pilates developed the traditional pilates system beginning in the 1930′s. He was an amazing inventor but in the height of his program development he was working with professional dancers not the general public and back patients. He also did not have the advantage of modern science to guide his choices in alignment, muscle recruitment and stabilization practices.  Along came founder of IM=X® – Elyse McNergney – who after studying traditional pilates and obtaining a M.A. in Movement Science and Choreography from NYU, and an M.Ed. in Exercise Physiology from Columbia University developed a new approach. Her updates to traditional pilates concepts and practices reflect her scientific background as well as her talent as a choreographer. All IM=X® routines and instructor educational courses showcase her unique talent to develop successful pilates, barre, cycling and personal training programs that are unique and powerful.

IM=X® (Integrated Movement Xercize), founded in 1996, includes ten instructor certifications and over 80 choreographed workouts which incorporate various equipment such as the Xercizer (reformer), Tower, Ring, Weights, Jog Boards and Indoor Cycling Bikes. The scientific principles behind IM=X® are based on the research of the last two decades. In many ways, IM=X® picks up where J.H. Pilates left off. We now know that low impact muscle toning is healthier for the joints, and that the Spine Stabilization System needs to be aligned and fit. The IM=X® Programs are a wonderful evolution of pilates and back wellness.

IM=X® Franchise Services

Staff Training/Certification – We certify as many staff as required to develop, grow and sustain your business. The IM=X® fitness education provides your employees with valuable skills and programs. Our expert Master Trainers guide your staff through a series of proprietary courses. All of our leading edge certifications are included in your franchise package.

Equipment – When you join the IM=X® Pilates franchise system you become part of a team that has excelled in equipment design and encouraged forward thinking with innovative fitness programs. The Xercizer (our patented reformer) and Tower were engineered for commercial use and are manufactured in the U.S. Our superior equipment is a powerful tool for attracting and retaining customers.

Marketing – We give you the tools to reach your customers/new patients. As a franchise owner you gain access to our exclusive images and advertising campaigns including: graphics, press releases, web design, search engine optimization, print material, signage and email marketing.

Business – Our proven system provides you with the tools to build your pilates fitness, personal training and back wellness business. Our Operations Manual, Architectural Design Guidelines, Marketing Plan/Graphics, Billing and Scheduling Software, Online Password Protected Area and Business Training prepare you to grow your fitness business.

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