FAQs for Physical Therapists

IMX Pilates back Physical Therapy


How does IM=X® Pilates help my patients?

IM=X provides programs and educational courses that are acknowledged by the medical community. Unlike traditional pilates which uses laymen’s terms (such as “Elephant” or “Seal”) to describe exercises, IM=X uses descriptive language (such as “spine flexion” or “pelvic stabilization”) – thus you can use the our terminology with insurers. More importantly, we have eliminated dangerous exercises and “re-choreographed” protocols which are effective and safe for most back patients. Our techniques and equipment do not place pressure on the cervical and thoracic spine as often occurs with traditional pilates.

How does IM=X® help me increase my business?

Patients are exposed to IM=X therapeutic protocols while under care. It is common that these same patients – once discharged from care – will want to continue their progress. Your existing patient base can become your future fitness clientele. There are numerous IM=X workouts to keep them engaged over time and our unique pilates fitness program adds resistance and cardiovascular training for improved results. IM=X Pilates can be targeted to specific populations (i.e. athletes, seniors, back pain, pregnancy); or tailored for a specific focus (i.e. Lower Body Workout, Interval Training Workout, Stretch Workout, Upper Body Workout).

Why should I franchise with IM=X®?

The support you receive is quite extensive and thus “going it alone” would most likely undermine your potential success and would most definitely be more costly. We provide staff certifications, patented equipment, marketing programs, business training and a referral program (so you can make money by telling your friends about your business). When you get a PT franchise, you receive the support needed to maximize your earning potential.

Do I have enough space at my office or do I need a new location?

If you want to offer our small physical therapy plug-in then you may not need additional space. We can help you analyze your existing space and business goals to determine if you need a new location to operate your business. If you require a new location, then our real estate team will work with you to find the optimal one. They also will provide thorough demographics as well as negotiate lease and build-out terms.