Building the Best Pilates Reformer

Building the Best Pilates Reformer

When you become an IM=X Pilates Franchise you receive a package of equipment which includes the IM=X Reformer, called “The Xercizer”, proclaimed by Club Industry to be the best and “sturdiest reformer on the market”. 

The Xercizer is made from steel, aluminum, and high end quality parts making it the largest and heaviest reformer available.  Why would a pilates franchise need heavy duty reformers?  Quite simply the answer is to accommodate most population demographics including men and overweight individuals.  Athletes are comfortable on the Xercizer because it offers increased resistance levels plus a larger plyometric board that is great for developing explosive lower body strength.

Think of what it feels like to run on a treadmill which is of lighter weight with less width and length vs. running on a treadmill which is heavier and provides a larger platform.  This is the equivalent to being on the Xercizer versus other pilates reformers. 

Prospective pilates franchise owners should be comparing the difference since one of the biggest investments in opening a pilates studio is the equipment purchase.  IM=X Pilates and Fitness offers its franchisees the best and strongest reformer available today on the market at the lowest price – can’t beat that value!

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