We are innovative exercise scientists turned entrepreneurs who are dedicated to helping others.  Joseph Pilates developed his traditional pilates system almost a century ago. He was ahead of his time with his innovative approach to core training, but he didn’t address the needs of today’s fitness consumer. Fast Forward to 1998 –  Elyse McNergney, M.A., M.Ed. equipped with the expertise of a 600+ hour pilates certification, paired with an Ivy League education in Exercise Physiology, entered the scene with a new cutting-edge approach called IM=X® Pilates.  The updates to the traditional concepts and practices reflect her scientific background as well as her talent as a choreographer, and cater to the goals of many different types of customers. Thousands of fitness instructors soon flocked to the IM=X® Pilates certification center in New York City, taking this groundbreaking new program back to their health clubs, private training facilities, hospitals, physical therapy centers, corporate fitness centers and athletic training rooms. IM=X® has been successfully developed and proved over many years. Testimonials from thousands of clients report dramatic results – great improvements in muscle strength and endurance, lengthened posture and increased flexibility, loss of inches, back wellness and more.  The IM=X Pilates and Fitness Workout Series has been sold to hundreds of thousands of customers and its muscle/body changing benefits have been featured in publications such as Shape, Personal Fitness Professional, Mademoiselle, Physical, Fitness, PilatesStyle, Fit, and Dance magazines, The New York Times and more.