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IM=X® Pilates has been developed and proven over the past two decades in physical therapy offices, private training facilities, hospitals and gyms; AND is now offered as a franchise package. With low start-up costs, IM=X® expands your treatment options and creates a cash-based pilates fitness business.

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  • Increase patient retention and compliance
  • Utilize physical therapy assistants and fitness trainers to deliver IM=X® TE programs
  • Develop a cash-based pilates/yoga/personal training business
  • Reach new customer markets

Discover your options to add IM=X® Therapeutic Exercise and Pilates into your physical therapy franchise practice! Schedule a phone conference by emailing us at or call 800.IMX.1336.

IMX Pilates back Physical Therapy


“Coming from a background in Physical Therapy and traditional Pilates, I find IM=X Pilates & Fitness to be exceptional. The progression of exercises gives you a warm up, an ‘at tempo’ sustained workout, and a cool down. It works your whole body with balance and flow, and is easy to modify for each client within the same class. The IM=X Pilates equipment is comfortable, safe and well built. The franchise provides thorough business training and advertising support to me. IM=X Pilates also provides ongoing teacher training for all franchisee staff. The training is taught in-person by master trainers. I have found that my teachers are able to appropriately modify resistance, reps, and range of motion for their clients by watching the client’s form.”
-Kristina Martin PT, DPT,
IM=X Studio Owner and Advanced Instructor

IM=X® Franchise Services

Certifications – We certify as many staff as required to develop, grow and sustain your physical therapy franchise business. The IM=X Pilates and fitness education provides your employees with valuable skills and programs. Our expert Master Trainers guide your staff through a series of proprietary courses. All of our leading edge certifications are included in your fitness franchise package.

Equipment – When you join the IM=X® Pilates franchise system you become part of a team that has excelled in equipment design and encouraged forward thinking with innovative therapeutic exercise programs.  Our superior equipment is a powerful tool for attracting and retaining customers.

Marketing – We give you the tools to reach your customers/new patients. As a PT franchise you gain access to our exclusive images and advertising campaigns including: graphics, press releases, web design, search engine optimization, print material, signage and email marketing.

Business – Our proven system provides you with the tools to build your pilates fitness, personal training and back wellness business. Our Operations Manual, Architectural Design Guidelines, Marketing Plan/Graphics, Billing and Scheduling Software, Online Password Protected Area and Business Training prepare you to grow your business.

IM=X® (pronounced IMX) stands for Integrated Movement Xercize and our brand has changed traditional pilates so that it could become a powerful adjunct in a physical therapy or chiropractic business:

  • IM=X® uses language that is based in exercise science (not words like “hundreds” but rather “flexion with lateral arm” etc.
  • The IM=X® fundamentals based on research of the past 2 decades (not traditional practices which can be contra-indicated in back patients)
  • IM=X® has made significant fitness program and equipment changes
  • IM=X® has also created programs in the following categories: cycling, yoga, ballet bar, personal training, etc

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