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“Here is one equation that will keep you fit! The benefits of of an IM=X workout have been discovered by such bodybuilders as former Mr. America and Mr. World Bill Grant. Many pro athletes, including members of the New York Mets use it…IM=X offers a cross-conditioning system focusing on muscle efficiency through posture and core endurance. The comprehensive program includes resistance training, plyometrics and innovative formats…IM=X brings intensity and efficiency to functional-strength and flexibility training.”

-Physical Magazine

“Twenty-five years after winning 3 consecutive national titles, and 8 years after their last professional performance, Jojo Starbuck and Ken Shelley returned to the ice …Off ice, the two relied on Elyse McNergney …She helped the pair develop strength and flexibility for a professional comeback.”

-International Figure Skating

“TSI Teams up with IM=X Pilates, Inc….to introduce new programming that capitalizes on the demand for pilates based exercise, enhances its benefits, and introduces a new approach to this popular form of exercise. Aimed at club members rather than dancers, the new programming offers a cross-conditioning system focusing on muscle efficiency through posture and core muscle endurance that includes resistance training, stretching, plyometric jumps, and progressive class formats…Founder and Exercise Physiologist, Elyse McNergney explains, ‘Our programs are unique and aggressive, designed to help members get the results they are looking for which encourages retention, referrals, and financial success for the clubs.”

-Club Industry Magazine

I had a fitness epiphany in a class called IM=X. Created by Elyse McNergney, M.Ed., M.A., IM=X stands for Integrated Movement Exercise…Think: Group Pilates class…Each repetition demanded extreme concentration. My legs shook because despite all my training, they didn’t recognize – and couldn’t handle – the new movements…I broke a sweat and was thrilled to feel the lower part of my abs burn…The IM=X class passed my fitness test: I was sore and sweaty. But, more than that, the next morning my run seemed a little boring in comparison.”

-Shape Magazine

Elyse McNergney…re-engineered, re-energized and re-branded the physical fitness system Joseph Pilates…Part jock, part dancer, part academic and part entrepreneur, McNergney has an intense interest in fitness, posture, strength training and the mechanics of making healthy bodies, which led her to devise “the next evolution in Pilates training.” It also compelled her to earn both an M.Ed. in exercise physiology from Columbia University and an M.A. in movement sciences from New York University . Her work with private exercise clients, from professional athletes such as Orel Hershiser and JoJo Starbuck to elderly people with back pain and regular folks looking for improved fitness, inspired her to develop the IM=X (pronounced IMX) system in 1996.”

-Entrepreneurial Woman

“The Newest Pilates Workout. What’ the trendiest class on the coasts? Integrated Movement Exercise (IMX). It’s loosely based on pilates — a muscle toning and flexibility program –but IMX packs more of a strength-training punch. IMX pioneer Elyse McNergney leads exercisers through a series of toning and stretching moves on a sturdier version of the pilates reformer (The Xercizer) …You’ll gladly groan through the 30-60 minutes of body shaping.”

-Fitness Magazine

“Gym rats and couch potatoes alike have been embracing the low-impact, high-results workout known as pilates, currently one of the fastest growing fitness trends in the nation. IM=X Pilates has been training instructors for 12 years and now offers studio franchises…IM=X has updated the classic pilates method with modern gym practices by adding more cardio work, offering classes tailored to client’s fitness goals, and having members pay monthly rather than per class fees. And there is an added bonus: Franchisees are entitled to certifications annually which can be used in any manner they choose for employees.

-Entrepreneur Magazine

“Some instructors have expanded on the Pilates workout and developed their own exercises and routines using the equipment…for example, Elyse McNergney has created a derivative workout called IM=X (pronounced IMX), or Integrated Movement Exercise.”

-New York Times

“You need strong core muscles, front and back, to keep your spine elongated and healthy says Jeffrey Goldstein, M.D., a spine surgeon at the Hospital for Joint Diseases…so we asked Elyse McNergney, founder of IM=X to design a back-focused workout exclusively for SELF…In two weeks, you’ll have better posture and more powerful muscles. But don’t stop there! Within four weeks, you’re bound to look great in any bare-back style, because a strong back is a sexy back — and that feels good all over.”

-Self Magazine

“Certified in both the Alexander Technique and Pilates, McNergney created IMX (Integrated Movement Xercize), used today by dancers, skaters and the New York Mets. Former dancer, McNergney draws parallels between dancers’ and ballplayers’ careers…”

-Dance Magazine

“Don’t Call It Pilates. IM=X is not Pilates or the Alexander Technique, but it is based on both disciplines…IM=X was developed for the general public and the back care version for people with back problems…it not only develops long, lean muscles and flexibility, but also strengthens the spine and back… The routines are designed to not only tone and elongate muscles but also to improve posture…So try them and start reaping the benefits.”

-Fitness Magazine

“Built to withstand heavy usage in health club environment, the Xercizer, is an updated version of the original Pilates Reformer that features an extra-durable, industrial design. This innovative piece offers a variety of resistance levels that accommodate a wide range of users, and allows individuals to perform, among other things, abdominal and bicep curls, back and triceps extensions, and leg presses. The Xercizer is supported by the company’s IM=X Program, a turn-key Pilates package designed specifically for fitness facilities.”

-Fitness Industry Technology

“Pilates equipment and classes are enjoying a new audience and are now available at many health clubs. However I recently found a method of training that uses aspects of pilates but is geared towards the non-dancer…This method is called IM=X which stands for Integrated Movement Xercize. Based on pilates, IM=X puts more emphasis on strength…If you do the exercises consistently, with proper form, you will see and feel the difference!

-Women’s Fitness

“Entrepreneurs are tapping the country’s thirst for individualized health and fitness…The Xercize Studio, LLC began franchising the IM=X Pilates Studios…for aging baby boomers fed up with overcrowded gyms…”

-Wall Street Journal

“Spine stabilization exercises are crucial for a healthy spine. IMX trainers assist physical therapists in making patients physically fit…It’s common that a patient will learn an exercise in a clinic, only to repeat it at home with incorrect form. This is why the IMX program is effective — trainers work with the patient’s on repeating important exercises at the clinic…Abdominal and back strengthening exercises performed correctly will help people feel confident to resume an active lifestyle.”

-Advance for Directors of Rehabilitation

“The Xercizer is an upgrade to the original pilates “reformer” offering improved industrial design, increased functionality and durability. The Xercizer is built to withstand heavy usage in the club market and to accommodate large individuals and professional athletes with increased resistance levels…”

-Club Industry Magazine

“These moves are designed not only to tone and elongate your muscles, but also to improve your posture and help your back. So try them and start reaping the benefits”

-Fit Magazine

The Integrated Movement Xercize program incorporates pilates moves but emphasizes strength training and cardiovascular elements that are not inherent in traditional pilates.”

-Personal Fitness Professional