Steps to Owning an IMX Pilates Franchise

STEP 1. Contact Us for a Phone Meeting!

Contact Us at or call 1.800.IMX.1336 to schedule a Phone Meeting so we can review your interests and the benefits of owning an IM=X Pilates Studio franchise.

STEP 2. Send in our Confidential Application

Fill out our Franchise Candidate Application (Click here to fill our online candidate application form ). Alternatively, you can complete a hard copy (Click here to download the pdf ). You can fax it to 646.349.5220 or email it to We will then set-up additional meeting(s) to review your business goals, possible site locations and other details. After step two, we will email our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for your review.

STEP 3. Review the Real Estate Search 

Review the real estate search with us. Our real estate team will perform a search which focuses on the best rents in the highest income demographics. Our goal in this step is to identify possible locations for your business. At this point, we will also recommend that you visit an IM=X Pilates location or speak over the phone with several owners.

STEP 4. Review our Franchise Agreement 

Review our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) with us in a phone meeting; and then with an attorney or business advisor. We will schedule a meeting to discuss any questions that you may have. In this step most franchise candidates are submitting their IM=X Business Plan to a lender if capital is required for the project; or working directly with our lenders to secure funding.

STEP 5. Franchise Agreement Signing 

At this point we have determined that all conditions are right for you to own and operate an IM=X Pilates & Fitness franchise so we simply set a date to Sign the Franchise Agreement! It is at this stage that we plan certification dates, business training and pre-opening marketing for your new business!

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