“Built to withstand heavy usage in health club environment, the Xercizer, is an updated version of the original Pilates Reformer that features an extra-durable, industrial design. This innovative piece offers a variety of resistance levels that accommodate a wide range of users, and allows individuals to perform, among other things, abdominal and bicep curls, back and triceps extensions, and leg presses. The Xercizer is supported by the company’s IM=X Certification Programs, a turn-key Pilates package…”

Fitness Industry Technology

“Entrepreneurs are tapping the country’s thirst for individualized health and fitness…The Xercize Studio, LLC began franchising the IM=X Pilates Studios…for aging baby boomers fed up with overcrowded gyms…”

Wall Street Journal

“The Xercizer is an upgrade to the original pilates “reformer” offering improved industrial design, increased functionality and durability. The Xercizer is built to withstand heavy usage in the club market and to accommodate large individuals and professional athletes with increased resistance levels…”

Club Industry Magazine

Equipment Package

When you become part of the IM=X Pilates & Fitness franchise system, you receive all of the equipment you need!
The Initial Equipment Package Fee of $55,000 includes:

  • 12 Xercizers (patented IMX reformer)
  • 10 Wall Towers (implement our unique Tower/Barre and Cycle/Tower programs)
  • 10 Platforms (standing exercises on the Xercizer)
  • 10 Stabilization Rings 
  • 2 Sets of Replacement Springs
  • 2 Full Sets of Education Manuals

Our reformer – The Xercizer – is  built-to-last and made in the USA!  The Xercizer offers increased resistance for a harder workout; removable shoulder pads, a lumbar support, stretch bar, 3-positions for the footbar and a large jumpboard.



The IM=X® Platform is a very stable piece that fits on the end of the Xercizer. It is larger than competing brands and thus allows for a wide variety of unique standing routines.


The IM=X® Wall Tower is used for three great programs: IM=X® Tower, Barre and Cycle/Tower programs.