Master Trainer Support

IM=X® Pilates & Fitness Studio locations enjoy ongoing, unlimited continuing education – a feature not offered by any other franchise system! This includes (at no cost to the franchisee) ten proprietary certification courses, with unlimited material to keep your customers engaged and help you reach new markets.

Our Master Trainers work closely with our program’s founder, Elyse McNergney, studying the IM=X Pilates, Tower, Cycle/Tower, Back Wellness, Barre, Platform and more — all ten proprietary programs. The Master Trainers travel to all of our studio locations providing certification courses and continuing education to franchise staff across the United States. As a franchise owner, you receive a Master Trainer visit at your IM=X location for approximately 5 days annually for the life of your business. In addition, your staff is always welcome at any IM=X certification being held across the country.

Additionally, our New York City-based Master Trainers provide regular review courses, including Skype sessions, to help improve and expand your services. This is our commitment to your IM=X Pilates and Fitness business.
IM=X Team

Meet Our Team

Founder/CEO: Elyse McNergney

established IM=X Pilates in 1996. Ms. McNergney is an Exercise Physiologist whose educational background includes a M.Ed. in Exercise Physiology from Columbia University and a M.A. in Movement Sciences from New York University. Ms. McNergney also holds certifications in the Pilates Method (The Pilates Studio, Sean Gallagher and Romana Kryzanowska) and the Alexander Technique. She is the creator of the IM=X programs and certifications, of which there are hundreds of workout variations. Ms. McNergney produced the IM=X® Pilates DVD series and is the author of “Pilates for Men.” In addition, she has established the IM=X® Pilates franchise marketing program, patented equipment manufacturing, products, and business systems, implemented by IM=X Pilates franchises across the country.

Master Trainer/President: Lauren Humm Fakete

is a former ballerina who danced with the Wilmington Ballet Company. She acquired an interest in fitness while at George Mason University where she graduated cum laude with two degrees in Dance and Political Theory and Law. In 2008, she moved to New York and instantly fell in love with IM=X®. In Elyse McNergney’s program, she found the perfect blend of therapeutic exercise for her dance-related injuries, as well as athletic and physically challenging routines. She began working closely with Ms. McNergney learning all ten IM=X Pilates and Fitness programs. Lauren also assists with all franchise, business and marketing programs.

Master Trainer: Sara Manganello

graduated cum laude with a BA in Musical Theater from Point Park University. After graduating she began working at an IM=X Pilates franchise, providing her the opportunity to expand her knowledge by attending the IM=X Basic, Advanced and Super Advanced certifications, at which point she was invited to join the corporate team as a Master Trainer. Sara found the IM=X Pilates program to be the perfect marriage of choreographed movement and strength training. She currently teaches private and semi-private sessions at two IM=X franchise locations, and enjoys teaching IM=X certifications both in New York City and at locations across the United States.

Master Trainer: Renee Raiche

originally moved to New York City in 1994 on a scholarship to study jazz dance. Renee began studying IM=X® Pilates with Elyse McNergney in 2001. Under her tutelage, she was certified in the IM=X® Pilates technique and became a Master Trainer for the program in 2003. She has represented the company all over the New York metropolitan area and nationally. Renee is passionate about teaching the IM=X® programs, as she feels they are the perfect synthesis of rehabilitation, strength training and choreographed movement. She is also a registered yoga teacher and teaches Advanced classes at our New York City location.