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Increase Your Earning Power, Add IM=X® Pilates to Your Practice

The IM=X® Pilates Franchise helps Doctors of Chiropractic expand their services to include a structured therapeutic exercise and pilates fitness program. With low start-up costs, IM=X® dramatically influences the long-term health of your patients and your business.

Doctors of Chiropractic build new revenue streams with IM=X®:

  • Develop a cash-based fitness business
  • Bill Therapeutic Exercise (TE) regularly as part of your care plan
  • Draw in new customer markets
  • Utilize physical therapists, chiropractic assistants and fitness trainers to deliver services

The benefits of IM=X® have been developed and proven over the past 20 years in chiropractic offices, hospitals, gyms, corporate fitness centers, and physical therapy practices. As healthcare shifts toward wellness and fitness, IM=X® Pilates can help you stay ahead in today’s competitive market by drawing in new patients and clients seeking fitness.

Our back exercise program can be billed by medically licensed practitioners. (note: Please consult your state board for details). Sessions combine stabilization techniques/muscle recruitment training, active range of motion stretches, resistance exercises on our patented reformer (Xercizer), and postural re-education. The services can be customized for a wide-range of ages and fitness levels so that your patients become long-term members of your fitness business. Whether your patients are aging baby-boomers, athletes or women over 30 looking for an effective workout experience; they will enjoy improved range of motion, trunk stabilization, trunk muscle strength/endurance, improved posture and total body conditioning.

The compelling reasons to add the IM=X® Pilates franchise:

  • Our approach to spine stabilization, trunk exercise and posture is like none other – it is both comprehensive in its theory and practice. It is supported by numerous research studies that are ground-breaking in the field of back wellness.
  • Since you have a busy schedule, you may not always have the time to deliver TE to your patients. We provide a system whereby physical therapists, chiropractic assistants and/or trainers deliver our proprietary TE and pilates exercise programs.
  • We provide you with a standardized process for delivering services by certifying fitness trainers, chiropractic assistants and physical therapists on your behalf as needed to support and grow your business.
  • By offering our unique pilates fitness programs, you can draw in a new clientele who expect to pay cash for their services.
  • We provide operations and marketing systems to maximize your outreach. We help you grow your practice by adding our superior pilates fitness and back exercise programs .

Learn how you can meet the growing demand for back exercise, pilates, personal training and fitness!

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