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The greatest benefit of fitness franchising is being able to take advantage of the proven systems that will be in place on the very first day that you open your studio doors. IM=X® Pilates has prepared you for that day, ensuring that you have the tools necessary. When you become a fitness franchise, you gain access to valuable industry knowledge, a proprietary system which includes over 100 standardized formats. We have developed programs to address the needs of your customers. Our certifications prepare your Pilates studio staff with powerful tools and routines that address back wellness, muscle tone, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, weight loss, injury prevention and posture/stabilization. The IM=X® Pilates Studio franchise is a complete formula for success, one which leverages our past experience with the present opportunities in the pilates, yoga, personal training, cardio fitness and back exercise markets.

Below is a partial list of our 100 IM=X® workouts! Variety with consistency.

IM=X® Pilates Fundamentals (30/50 minutes) 

There are five fundamentals in the IM=X Pilates technique. Learning them thoroughly will allow you to execute all moves with power and clarity. Very often people use excessive neck tension to perform core strengthening exercises or they compress the low back. These habits will cease as your ability to elongate, recruit and stabilize all core muscles becomes natural. The IM=X Fundamentals sessions are for new students as well as seasoned members. You benefits will be heightened with the IM=X Fundamentals!

IM=X® Basic Xercizer (60 minutes) 

Get the benefits of working on the pilates machine! Tone and stretch every muscle group, and raise your heart rate — all in one session. Your trainer will guide you through eight IM=X sequences which start with hips and legs, progress to the abs and back, move on to shoulders and arms, rest for some stretches and finish with more hips, butt and abs. This is a total body workout! Enjoy the toning effects of the best pilates machine around – the Xercizer – which is made in the USA.

IM=X® Cycle and Tower (60/90 minutes) 

Target the cardiovascular system and tone your body in this heart pounding ride that combines upper body strengthening and stabilization. Follow a 30-40 minute ride with a series of toning sequences using the Tower springs on your legs and arms – you will burn a multitude of calories and shape your abs, back, shoulders, hips and legs.

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IM=X® Barre and Tower (30/60 minutes) 

Inspired by ballet training, the IM=X® Barre starts with grande and demi pliés which are performed in combination with IM=X Ring Stabilization Techniques. The leg sequences progress with tendus, attitudes, leg extensions and arabesques to provide a powerful lower body lengthening and toning experience. Quick leg lifts or grande battements challenge leg flexibility and raise the heart rate. Follow the standing Bar exercises with the toning sequences using the Tower for a total body workout.

IM=X® Upper Body Xercizer (30/60 minutes) 

Target your abs, back, shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps with a series of routines that challenge upper body strength and endurance.

IM=X® Lower Body Xercizer (30/60 minutes) 

Target your hips, abs and legs using pelvic stabilization to improve your hip range of motion and overall muscle tone. Clients report losing inches on their hips from this intense workout that repeatedly targets the pelvic floor, hip flexors/extensors, abdominal wall, erector spinae, gluteals, hamstrings, quadriceps and adductors.

IM=X® Cycle and Pilates (30/90 minutes) 

Rev up your aerobic and metabolic systems with a structured indoor cycling and strength workout designed to burn calories. Prepare your body for cardio with some stabilization and stretching routines on the floor or Xercizer. Your instructor will then guide you through a ride. You will learn how to avoid spinal compression while powering your legs.

IM=X® Stretch Xercizer (30/60 minutes) 

Improve muscle flexibility and range of motion as well as tone your core with a workout that repeatedly stretches the hips, hamstrings, shoulders, and low back. Guaranteed to increase mobility.

Pilates Leg Exercises

IM=X® Interval Training Xercizer (60/75 minutes) 

Definitely the hardest session you can take. This class keeps the heart rate up while demanding strength. You will sweat your way through sequences which are organized to maintain the challenge. The results will include increased muscle endurance and lots of calorie burning.

IM=X® Hybrid (60/75 minutes) 

Many of our customers really enjoy our floor programs; while others proclaim the results from the Xercizer. We know that the IM=X Floor and Xercizer programs challenge the body in different ways so we put them together to give you the best of both.

IM=X® Golf & Tennis (30/60 minutes) 

Improve rotational strength, endurance and flexibility in your spine, hips and shoulders. Learn movement patterns that allow you to tighten the core while maximizing range of motion. Acquire additional power for your golf swing and limit your risk of low back injury.

IM=X® Abs Xercizer (30 minutes) 

Crunches are boring, this class is not! These challenging ab sequences include isometric, isotonic, concentric, eccentric ab exercises and result in super strength in 30 delightful minutes. (note: if you have a history of back pain, you should not take these sessions)

IM=X® Yoga (30-60 minutes)

A powerful blend of stabilization, balance, flexibility, muscle endurance and mind-body relaxation techniques. We recommend this total body workout to increase mobility, improve balance control and focus your mind.

IM=X® Back Strength (30/60 minutes) 

Experience a workout that strengthens the spine in detail thus decreasing back discomfort. Spine decompression, stabilization of deep spinal muscles, recruitment of abdominal core and posture are the focus of this workout which has helped tens of thousands of people eliminate their back pain.

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